Sunday, September 11, 2016

This Week

Mira had a pretty decent week - after her rough weekend of crying and wanting to be in a constant state of motion, she seemed to calm down this week, especially at school. She has been increasingly vocal, mostly when she is moving. We have been doing our fair share of walking this weekend, as the weather has been spectacular both days. Since I was in Boston on Thursday and Friday, Sarah was ready for a much needed break on Saturday, so I took all three kids out to Loose Park, over on the Missouri side. Despite a few eye-rolls from Eli, Mira, Jonah, and I went and fed the ducks and geese for a while, while Eli put his headphones on and ventured off around the park. There is nothing less entertaining than going to a park with your two younger siblings, from the perspective of a 13 year old. I remember that age all too well. He loves his independence. The rest of us had fun feeding the ducks, then hitting the slides, and finally finishing the afternoon off by getting hamburgers at a place down south back on the Kansas side. Mira absolutely loved the park, kicking her feet and making a ton of noise the entire time. The weather was way too nice to be inside.

This afternoon, we tried going up to Westport, not only to hit their annual weekend art fair, but also to have lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. Neither one of those activities sat well with all three kids, but especially Mira. I think she has mad because she was ready to take a nap, while we were all set to head out the door. Bad timing led to her being fussy at the restaurant, with Sarah and I passing the baton, eating in shifts - one person eating, while the other was outside walking Mira in circles. Some outings are great - others, not so much. They all survived the outing and Mira and I ultimately ended up taking advantage of the cool temperatures, heading out for yet another walk.

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