Sunday, September 18, 2016

Art Outing

It's always a challenge trying to find things to do as a family, especially on the weekends. During the week is always hectic, with the kids in school, but we still manage to have the occasional dinner outing or open house at school, but they are few an far between. Last weekend we took the kids out to a park on the Missouri side and this weekend we decided to try and hit the Nelson-Atkins Museum, here in Kansas City. I had been to the new addition a few times for meetings and such, but had never actually been to the older portion, not seen the extensive historical collection of work there, even after living in the area for almost 20 years. Sad, I know. Sarah has taken art classes here over the years and even the kids have been to the museum a few times, either with Sarah or through school field trips. Needless to say, the kids all did very well - Jonah kept asking when we were going to leave, but at least Eli found enough to peak his interest, especially in the Asian Collection, his favorite room. Mira was vocal and happy throughout the entire excursion, making consistent dragon and moaning noises in every room, usually when we were walking. We went outside and saw the reflecting pool, which Mira particularly enjoyed, because of the long trek over the uneven cobblestones surrounding the pool. Overall, it was a positive outing for everyone.

Mira has been doing well this past week. She did have a couple of tonic-clonics at school on Tuesday, which completely drained her the rest of the day. She slowly turned things around the rest of the week and was in a positive mood the entire time. I had to travel again part of this week to Massachusetts again, but fortunately got out of a trip to Cleveland today and Monday - yet have another trip to Louisiana toward the end of this upcoming week, It's been a heavy travel month, but it it slowly tapering off. 

Mira and I went out for several walks today, which she very excited about. She was very patient at the store, which usually makes her restless and irritable when we are at a standstill. All of the activity must have worn her out, as I had to wake her up just to have dinner and a bath. She went right back to sleep after all that.

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