Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Our day started at around 5:45am, when both of the boys woke us up, ready to open presents! Not surprising - Eli has been wanting to build his own computer for months, earning and saving money so he can slowly buy all of the parts he needs. His hope was that Christmas was going to get him one step closer to that goal, by hopefully getting additional cash to buy more parts. Jonah
has been talking about Minecraft toys and telescopes for a while as well. They both were not disappointed, as Santa delivered the goods this year. Mira got a ton of outfits, a new winter coat, a new Gap zip up jacket, and a huge pink cozy blanket. This is the third one that we have bought for her, since the boys tend to take her blankets and run off to their respective rooms with them. This one is all hers.

Mira has been having a decent week, up until today, where she became irritable most of the afternoon. The toy helped alleviate some of her crankiness, but her time with it has been fairly limited. She seems to be interested in it for less and less time - she tries to shove it off her tray after less than 10 minutes each time. We have been on quite a few walks, including today, to help break up the day and to take advantage of the spectacular weather. We went from below zero temps last week, to 62 degrees today - it has been crazy around Kansas City and the midwest for that matter. Overcast and breezy for Christmas made it feel like Northern Florida.

We won't be doing much this week but relaxing after a great day with family, cooking, and presents. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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