Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Parental See-Saw

Parenting has a habit of being a ride. A bumpy, often tumultuous ride at that. The only analogy I can come up with a that it's like siting on a see-saw. The day-to-day activities of doing the same, seemingly predictable, motions - up and down, never really side to side so much. Night and day, Work and school. Driving back and forth. Preoccupied with the thousand other things you are trying to manage. Sometimes, you aren't paying enough attention to the person on the other end of the see saw, and they push their legs more forcefully off the ground, so you will take notice, as your rear end slams against the soil on the opposite end. Other times you are sky high, inches away from sliding off the seat, the threat of plummeting to the ground, ever near. You have to be constantly aware of everything that is happening on either end of that board, as one simple move sends everyone flying.

It has definitely been a see-saw the past week or so around our house. Mira has had some very positive moments, where she is doing constant 'dragons' and is as happy and energetic as can be. She has also had some fussing spells that seem to last for hours. Jeckyll and Hyde. Sarah and Jonah both have been hacking at a cough that won't seem to go away, with Jonah adding an on and off fever for the past week or two. Up and down. Eli has had his moments as well - typical teenager issues that we all remember dealing with at one point or another. All the kids have been taking a turn on the see-saw with Sarah and I tag-teaming it on the opposite side - sometimes it feels like all three of them are pushing off the ground as hard as they possibly can, just to see what happens. The parental see-saw is exhausting.

Mira actually had a very positive day at school. She was very attentive, tolerated the Kid-Walk for a solid half-hour, and was smiling all day. Her patience ended on the bus ride home, where the driver and para said she wailed the entire trip back. She did the same exact thing yesterday. By the time I got home from work, she was again all smiles - she even let loose a few 'dragons' during her bath. Her bus showed up early today, which I was unprepared for - this after being 15 minutes late yesterday.

No one can seem to find an equilibrium this week. The see-saw ride continues.

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