Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Clean Slate and Bad 80's Cartoons

Mira is now completely off of the Felbatol and all Sarah and I can say is good riddance. Certainly, it was worth a shot to help in gaining some seizure control, but the side affects far outweighed any benefit, which frankly, there weren't any benefits. She was on it for only a week and it was awful for everyone, especially Mira.

She is now taking multi-vitamins and an omega supplement only, which we started a few days after the Felbatol was out of her system. She is taking two packets of Rainbow Light (not to be confused with Rainbow Bright) and taking one packet of Coromega-3 Fatty Acid supplements daily. She is getting additional Vitamin E and B12 as well. So far, her daily seizure count has 'stabilized' to a certain degree. We have been seeing a few tonics in the morning, but nothing in the afternoon.

Sarah is enjoying some time in Illinois with her sister this week (it's spring break for the kids) and Daddy is at home turning the house into a bachelor pit. Nothing beats the smell of sweaty boots and leftover pizza on the living room floor. Just kidding, I don't leave my boots on the floor.

Thanks to the Flora family for taking everyone in for the week!

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