Monday, March 5, 2007

We are Home

Sarah and I took our first trip without the kids and it was really hard to leave them, even if it was only for the weekend. Auntie Aura survived with all three kids and we cannot thank her enough for giving us the opportunity to take a break. We are eager to return the favor for Aura + Ware - just name the time and place!

What can you say about Las Vegas? Having never been there before, I had certain expectations and nearly all were met - and some. After three days, I think I was numb to the clinking video poker machines and the pungent smell of Marlboros everywhere we walked. We did the world tour of New York New York, went to Caesar's Palace (ah, yes Rome - or 'Roam' depending on your perspective) and the Mirage. We did see the Beatles 'Love' show on Friday night, after a serious sushi overload at Shibuya at the MGM Grand. Saturday night we met some friends for dinner at Paris, caught the fountains at the Bellagio. Who knew you could hit so many 'faux' cities in one evening...........only in Vegas.

Mira is going to start Felbamate tomorrow. She is now completely off of the Diamox and has turned around considerably since last week. She is much more alert and is smiling a lot more. I personally think that the Diamox was one of the worst medications she has tried yet. I am glad to leave it behind. I only hope Felbamate is the 'miracle' for her.

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