Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Zonegran Redux

After some debate on what to do and what to try next, we put Mira back on Zonegran again to see if it will help her. She is having 2 or 3 tonics (and some tonic-clonics) about every two days now. Unfortunately, she has tried most, if not all of the more common medications to try to control her seizures. The last few meds were terrible for her, but her seizures are getting progressively worse, especially over the past few weeks.

Mira was on Zonegran for about five months (the longest she had been on any of the medications, back in early 2006. Zonegran was one of the few that seemed to help in some capacity, so the thought is that now that she is older, she might react differently to it, positively we hope. She will get to a therapeutic dosage within about a week. After that, she is going to start taking Lamictal, which is one of the last medications she has not tried. Lamictal can have some serious side affects (users can quickly develop a very severe rash) therefore, she must move up on it very, very slowly. It will take her several months to get to a therapeutic level in her system.

Sarah is putting the finishing touches on Mira's Trolley Run Website. The link is here:


For those of you unfamiliar with the Trolley Run, feel free to visit the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired at http://www.ccvi.org/. On the right hand column is information under '2007 Sabates Eye Centers Trolley Run/Walk'. Thanks for all who supported Mira last year!

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Allison said...

Oh, Sarah...what a challenge! It would drive me crazy to not be able to find a solution after various drugs and diet changes! My kids have asthma which means croup five to six times a year which, while frustrating (esp. since they sound like they are 80 years old), at least has a conclusion...

I hope you and your family bear well with all the ups and downs of this and that little Miss Mira can be happy as she can everyday! I am off to find your Trolley Run link!