Monday, April 23, 2007

Great morning, Not so good afternoon

Mira has been having a decent week, fending off the germs and sickness that still seem to be hanging on from Winter - I have had a really sore throat and a cold for the past few days and fortunately, haven't passed it around as of yet.

Mira had one of the best mornings I have seen in a while - she was laughing this morning when she woke up, was having some good eye contact, ate a good breakfast, and I didn't see a single spasm, jerk, head drop, or any seizure activity. Around noon or 1:00pm. she became really irritable, didn't eat too great of a lunch, had three brief tonic seizures and a whole bunch of twitches and spasms all afternoon. It also took her almost two hours to finally fall asleep for bed. It was as though she did a 180 half-way through the day.

She is going to get her mercury re-draws tomorrow at CMH. I will post the results when we get them back.

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