Monday, April 16, 2007

Truman's 1st Round Up

We all took a trip for Truman's birthday party in Illinois and it was a great time for everyone. Addy and Eli were able to run around all weekend, swapping sugar-overload stories and seeing how much noise an over sized plastic dump truck makes on ceramic tile floors. (Apologies to the Flora family for allowing Eli to wear through several coats of polyurethane on the hardwoods......I think we now have a running tab there for damaged goods - it's now around $3,000.) We also had a brief stopover in Edwardsville to see most of the clan at Tom + Nikki's house after Siena's baptism - great to see everyone, although it was way to short!

(Left: The night before the party: discussion about cake and cookies.)
(Middle: The day of the party: Truman with all the goods.)
(Right: 20 seconds later after Truman is out of the chair: three sugar vultures swarm the cake.)

After switching Mira's meds around from evening to morning, her sleeping hasn't changed too much, unfortunately. We are still hopeful. She did get some serious sleep on the trip home today though. Also, after not seeing any tonic-clonics for over a week, she has had three or four over the past few days, which is disappointing, but frankly, nothing out of the norm. She is back to her average of 1 or 2 a day. We are taking her in tomorrow morning to have some additional testing/labs at Children's Mercy that we have had scheduled.

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