Thursday, April 5, 2007

This Week

Mira has been having a wonderful time in therapy this week, especially aqua therapy. On Tuesday, she was able to drift in her neck and body floaters, unassisted and had loads of fun, kicking and laughing in the water. Overall, she has been having some good sessions this week.

Mira started the Lamictal on Tuesday. She is on 2.5mg daily for 2 weeks, then 5mg daily for 2 weeks, until she is up to around 50mg daily, which will take around 12-14 weeks.

She has been having some difficulty falling asleep lately, so we we have been giving her Zonegran dosage with dinner, instead of right before bed, which is helping a little. Last night, she slept from about 9:00pm to 4:00am straight! No complaints from Mommy and Daddy!

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