Monday, October 8, 2007

A Positive Rebound

Since her episode last Tuesday, Mira has been doing significantly better. We don't know what her status seizure could have been attributed to and chances are, we will never know. Her seizures and episodes are so completely random that we quit guessing.

Since last Tuesday, she has only had 3 seizures (in 6 days!), which is fantastic. We think the Keotcal boost has really been helping her, so we stocked up for the next few weeks. We should be getting our first shipment tomorrow. We had to make a run to Children's Mercy this afternoon for another can, just to get us by for the day. Although Mira is only supplementing, we will be going through a can every 5 days, which equates to over $2000 a year, just in Ketocal alone. Thanks to Sat Inder, Karta Purkh, and Auntie G. for contributing to Mira's Ketocal fund!

On a side note, Sarah and I celebrated Sarah turning 29 (for the 4th year in a row.....) at 40 Sardines. We decided to skip our usual favorite locale, Le Fou Frog and try something new. I can't say that I was all that impressed with our choice, which is disappointing, since I had heard rave reviews about the joint. Could have been an off night I suppose. After all, it was 'opera' night at the restaurant and I did win a CD out of the deal by Anna Netrebko. It would be great if I actually listened to opera and could pronounce her name, but I cannot do either. Oh well, guess I'll stick with Thievery Corporation.

Anyway, thanks to Auntie Aura who braved our evening out by watching all four kids!

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