Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recent Events

Saturday we took Mira out to a PT who specializes in hippotherapy for a consult and a session to see how she is she could benefit from weekly therapy. At first, she was very floppy on the horse, but over time, became used to the rhythm and movement and was much more relaxed after a few minutes. She even giggled a few times. Ultimately, we think it could be very beneficial for her and we are actively trying to get on the therapist's schedule for the spring.

We went to the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City (after Mira's session) on Saturday and had a great time and enjoyed some fantastic fall weather. We rode the train from the old depot, while Eli tried to verbally apprehend several of the 'bandits' (a staged robbery skit/re-enactment they do on the train) by simply scowling loudly at them. It didn't work, but it was convincing.

Unfortunately, Mira has been doing pretty poorly over the past week, having multiple seizures every day, especially over the weekend, when she had a dozen or so. Her seizures have gradually become worse over the past several weeks and we are often seeing clusters of activity. She has become more irritable as well and they are really bothering her much more than before.

We talked to her neurologist about starting Lyrica (pregabalin) which is one of the few medications she hasn't tried, to see if it will help. As with all of the other medications, it either works or it doesn't. We had talked about increasing her Zonegran (she is already on a maximum dosage) or just taking her off of it (could potentially make things worse) so in the end, we decided to try Lyrica and not have any other moving targets at this point.

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Melanie said...

She looks like she was enjoying the horse. I would love to get Daniel involved in the hippotherapy also. let me know how it works out for Mira when you go.

mom to Daniel 26 months, IS, BPP & Spastic Quad CP