Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Patch + More Pictures

I had a few additional pictures from last weekend from the train ride and Maple Leaf Festival and a couple from this weekend's pumpkin patch excursion, just outside of Lawrence. The weather could not have been better, but unfortunately, the pumpkin selection was pretty lean. We managed to get a few decent ones (see Eli sitting on his prize possession above left). Mira also had a good time, enjoying the bumpy stroller ride through the pumpkin fields. Since we were so close to Lawrence, we had to make a pit stop at La Familia for lunch. The sweet salsa is so good, it's almost drinkable. By the time we got home, everyone was sleeping, including Mira, who couldn't muster the energy to play with her pink sponge ball.

Mira started a low dosage (25mg) of Lyrica on Thursday and has been tolerating it very well. On Friday she had 2 intense seizures, but hasn't had one since, which is always promising. She will go up to 50mg on Tuesday and then we will see if she is still tolerating it. The therapeutic dosage for Lyrica can vary, so assuming it is helping, she will probably just hold at 50mg for a while.

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Lori said...

Hi- I am so glad Mira is having better seizure control but I am sorry her tummy is not doing so well. I read Mira's blog all the time (I am Nora's mom, 21 mos. with IS)( are rooting for Mira and you guys!!! You are such great advocates. I wish Nora could meet Mira. Maybe someday we'll have an infantile spasms blog reunion. Good luck on the new meds. We just tried Lamictal too but it had some bad GI issues for Nora. She's still on Zonegran for now. Hope you have some more good days. Lori Draper