Saturday, April 16, 2016

No Place Like Home

This was my third week of travel in a row and we all finally get a break from it for the next few weeks. Although, Sarah is traveling next weekend, so we are not entirely clear I suppose. I had to travel to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick again - as the project that I am working on stands currently, I hopefully won'y have to go up there again any time soon. I have made at least 6 or 7 trips over the past 6 months and they are tiring for everyone, as I am gone a minimum of three days with every trip up to northeast Canada.

Mira has been quiet the past few days and in a pleasant mood. She was having some seizure activity at school earlier in the week and was having a lot of twitches today, but otherwise, she has not had a major tonic-clonic in quite a while. Today in fact, she did very well - she was in a good mood all day long, despite the jerks and twitches, and was making her infamous dragon noises throughout the day. We ran a few errands this afternoon, which Mira tolerated very well. Afterward, we went for a walk down to the store and Mira was kicking her feet and moving the entire time. Her eye-rubbing was limited and random, which was unexpected, considering it was very sunny outside. The kids didn't have school yesterday, which gave them yet another three-day weekend. Mira has been taking full advantage of the extra day off, by sleeping in late and taking a number of catnaps. She has been very chilled out today and seems to be happy just relaxing at home.

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