Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quiet and Seizure-Free?

Mira has been having a positive week - she has been strangely quiet and calm. She doesn't care for bath time or hair-brushing time, but she rarely does. I suppose one of the more interesting things that has been going on with her lately is that she hasn't been having any major seizures. It's not as though we have been doing anything that much differently (other than increasing her CoQ10, which she has been taking for months - one of my many theories that she has some mitochondrial issue, thus CoQ10 might prove to be beneficial) - regardless, she is definitely doing better on the seizure front. The last major seizure we actually remember was on March 25th, when we had to pick her up from school because she was having such a rough day. She has had a few days where she is twitching and fidgety, but again, no tonic-clonics. I can't remember her ever having such a long stretch without some sort of major seizure activity.
On a side note, Mira's hair is getting really long - combine that with summer coming up, we need to get her on the schedule to get her hair cut. It has been way too long. We always have it up tied up and out of her face, to keep her from chewing on it. It's always a challenge giving her a bath with such long hair too, as it takes multiple washings to get it washed and under control. Sarah and I were looking back and is turns out, the last time we took her for a haircut was over 2 years ago!
We are hoping Mira's seizure-free days continue here - it seems whenever I mention she is doing better, I jinx it and she ends having a bunch of seizures in row. Fingers crossed. Sarah snapped this picture of her in her chair, where it looked as though she was in deep thought, contemplating something very important, with her chin resting on her hand and her other arm propping her head up.

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