Saturday, April 30, 2016

Off Day

Up until today, Mira was having a pretty decent week - she had been happy, yet somewhat reserved, and nearly seizure-free. Today however, she she was not interested in just going with the flow - she was doing a lot of moaning in her bed this morning and later on before lunch, became very fussy. We got back in our routine of going for walks and getting an endless supply of bottles in front of her to try and keep her happy. She might have just been stir-crazy, as what dramatically improved her mood was being outside and in the sun. Thus, we went for a walk down to the store, another walk around the neighborhood, and twice went and walked in the park. Jonah was happy to get outside as well - the weather was ideal for just staying out. Mira's temperament improved as we got closer to bedtime and she ended up going to bed fairly early, only after having a ton to eat. Tomorrow we have a number of errands to run, so hopefully we can keep her moving. She is still not digging her glasses these days - at one point, we were out on the back deck and Mira carefully wrapped her finger around the right temple of her frames, pulled them off, and threw them aside. She did this several times in a row. We got the hint and just relented and kept them off for the rest of the day.

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