Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pretzel Lady

Mira certainly has her comfort positions, but some of the contortions she works herself into are mystifying. Yesterday, she had a ravenous appetite for dinner, drinking 3 bottles very quickly. Afterward, she became dozy and by the time I had the bottles cleaned up a few minutes later, she had gotten herself into this pose and fell asleep - glasses intact and all. Most nights, her favorite sleep position is laying with her legs crossed, folded over, and her head and torso resting in her lap. It's hard to explain and equally difficult to imagine, being so flexible that you can nearly fold yourself in half and be comfortable enough to sleep that way. She is quite the contortionist.

She has been doing well over the past week - she continues to be very subdued and relaxed, not really showing a ton of interest in much. The expression that I have been getting out of her when we are outside or racing around the house, is an resounding 'meh'. We haven't seen any seizures since this weekend, which is wonderful.

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