Monday, May 9, 2016

Glasses, Hats, and Palms

It was a long weekend - the kids had a half-day on Thursday, then no school on Friday, which gave them a nice extended weekend, two weeks before school is out. I'm not sure who conjures up the school district's end of the year school schedule, but it seems to gets increasingly ridiculous with each passing year. Their final day of school is on a Monday and it's a half-day. What is the point? Regardless, the kids always enjoy getting an extra day off, especially on a Friday. The weather on Friday and Saturday was perfect - sunny and cloudless, which we saw as a good opportunity to stay outdoors, plant some tomatoes, and rebuild the fence on the side of our yard. Mira's mood has fluctuated wildly over the past week, so we were trying to break it up by staying outside in the fresh air. However, Mira was not always up for it. She was not up for wearing her glasses much or the hat that we tried to keep on her either. She has mastered her technique of maneuvering a single finger along her right temple, wrapping it around her glasses, and flinging them on the ground. We can catch them about half the time before they go crashing on the floor. The hat we tried (to keep her from rubbing her eyes once the glasses are off) didn't last much longer than the glasses. She simply grabs the bill and pulls it to the side. Mira has also been in her defensive position much of the day, which involves clenched fingers into her palms, arms up and at her sides, and her legs fully extended. We haven't seen much seizure activity this past week, yet at school today, she had a host of small seizures and she was very tired and lethargic all day.

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