Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day typically reminds me of two things - thinking about all of those who have served and died for this country of course, but it also marks the anniversary of when Sarah and I moved into our house. It has been 17 years now, with age of the house starting to truly show. It is your typical post-WWII house, built in 1953, when this particular area in Kansas City was no more than a corn field. The original windows and garage door have been literally falling apart over the past few years, so this is the year of having to ante up and fix some of the crumbling facets of our tiny ranch - we had the garage door replaced last week, the windows will be replaced mid-summer, and then the entire house will get scraped and painted after the windows are installed. We haven't painted the original part of the house for at least 10 years (with the new addition being painted in 2009) and it is really starting to look awful. We tried to tackle some other issues around the house over the extended weekend, in between the rain and the humidity. Raining and windy one minute, hot and muggy the next.

Mira has had some quiet moments, mixed in with some moments of extreme irritability. Yesterday, she became very fussy, crying at the top of her lungs at one point, combined with some random 'silent screams', where she is so distraught, it takes her a few moments to actually work up, and then release a long, extended exhaling cry. It all seemed very random, yet she was very twitchy all day yesterday, so I have no doubt there was something neurological that was bothering her. Today I had to go back to work and Sarah texted me about 30 minutes after I left and told me Mira was inconsolable. She cried for a solid 30 minutes, then took a long power nap. She was fairly reserved the rest of the day.

She has had some positive moments though - yesterday, we were sitting out on the deck (pictured above) in the late afternoon and Mira was enjoying the wind and sounds coming from the park next door. She kept hearing the birds in the trees and would turn her head, then be completely still, with only her eyes quickly scanning to try and figure out where it was coming from. A couple of birds were fighting and making a bunch of noise, and Mira started quietly smirking, almost on the verge of a laugh. It was pretty cute. She kept her legs extended out the entire time we were outside, which was an hour or so - I don't know how she finds that comfortable. It looks like a constant abdominal workout. Regardless, she seemed to be simply enjoying rocking in her chair quietly absorbing the sounds of the neighborhood. 

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