Friday, May 27, 2016

The Long, Long Week

This has been an extremely long week for everyone. First off, it was the first nearly full week of school (technically they had a half-day on Monday) - second it has been raining heavily nearly every day, which has kept the kids indoors, and to top it all off, we started summer hours at my work. Summer hours basically means 9 hour days Monday through Thursday, then a half-day on Friday. It never seems to work out, trying to get out early at a reasonable time on Friday, as almost everyone else I work with (clients and consultants) are expecting you to be there - thus, the emails, meetings, and phone calls continue on as they do. It just gives you more work to do one Monday or in the case this weekend, on Tuesday. Regardless, this first week of summer break all seemed to hit at once and I don't think Sarah and I were prepared for it. Only 2 1/2 months to go.

Mira has been very quiet and subdued this week for the most part. She had a few moments yesterday, but overall, she has been sleepy and lethargic. I think all of the rain has been making her tired - not a whole lot to do when we are trapped inside and it makes it very difficult to keep Mira from getting drenched when simply out running errands. We managed to get out today and had some celebratory end-of-the-school-year ice cream at Murray's, which is one of the best ice cream joints in the Kansas City area. Mira was very sleepy throughout the trip, slouching over quite a bit and not showing interest in much of anything. She was having some strange movements early this morning - some obvious seizure/neurological activity going on, which may have added to her tired demeanor.

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