Friday, May 20, 2016

Healing Up

Mira has been healing up nicely from the biopsy last week - no redness and no irritation whatsoever. We have been keeping it protected of course, with the only concern being the height of her side lateral supports on her chair, we thought it was going to irritate the incision area under her arm. Fortunately, it wasn't an issue. She is taking it all in stride. Her week has been uneventful and quiet, with today being her last full day of school before summer break. We haven't seen any big seizures at home, but she had some subtle ones at school earlier in the week - none over the past two days. She has been tensing up quite a bit, making it a challenge to keep her legs down to get her dressed and changed. Not sure why she is doing this all of the sudden - we just started seeing more of it over the past few weeks. It has been raining nearly every day here, making it difficult to get outside. It supposed to be nice this weekend, then start raining again, all next week. Next week will be our official 'getting settled into summer' week, which is always a challenge. Eli and Jonah have already written school off, checking out at the beginning of the week by counting down the days left.

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