Friday, March 13, 2015

First Day of Spring Break

Mira's first day of spring break was up and down, She started off the day in typical fashion, with a whole lot of myoclonics, some of which were very intense and almost led into some heavier activity. She had a consistent number of drops and seizures most of the day today, but fortunately, none of them escalated into anything more.

It was such a nice day out - we opened the windows, aired out the house, and got Mira out to the park, a couple of times. She thoroughly enjoyed the swing today, at least the first time Sarah brought her outside, She took a nap and woke up cranky afterward, which eventually led into an extended Unhappy Hour. At times, Mira was wailing at the top of her lungs - something was really bothering her. Her irritability eventually subsided and we managed to walk down to the Village and get some dinner. Mira actually did great through dinner, not so much as even making a cry, laugh, or anything. She drank a couple of bottles while we ate, despite the service at the restaurant being exceptionally slow.

Going out to dinner is always a gamble - Mira can either be in a reserved mood, like tonight, or immediately start crying and fussing as soon as we sit down at the table. If the irritability bus has kicked into high gear, you best option is to take her outside, then Sarah and I eat in shifts. Sometimes we muscle through it and eat quickly. It just depends and and you never know what is going to happen - tonight was definitely a great night to eat out, which I would have never expected after her fuss-a-thon just an hour earlier.

On the way back from our walk from dinner, we stopped by the park again and got Mira back in the swing. The second round in the swing didn't last very long, as Mira looked very worn out and was slouching in the chair after only 5 minutes. We got her out and ended up just walking around the park some, but she was pretty drained. Something tells me she is going to sleep well tonight.

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