Friday, March 6, 2015

More Big Seizures

On both Wednesday and Thursday, Mira had a couple of intense tonic-clonic seizures, nearly at the exact time both days. In both instances, the seizures happened between 4:30-5:00pm, when she was playing with her toy. I think she starts to wear down around that time every day (thus the Unhappy Hour name) and we tend to see an increase in neurological activity and most often, irritability.

Despite having these intense seizures, Mira had some decent days, especially today. Apparently at school, she was in a really positive mood all day. Seizure wise, today she didn't really have too many head drops or myoclonics, not to mention she broke the cycle of having a big TC at the same time she has the past few days. She even was babbling up a storm after her bath after dinner.

Tomorrow morning, Mira will go in for some blood draws and samples for a creatine and GAMT panel. We have to go early in the morning, as she has to be fasting when she has all of the testing done.

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