Sunday, March 15, 2015

No GAMT - More Seizures

I contacted Mira's neurologist yesterday via email regarding her GAMT panel and he responded that it came back normal. They had tested her levels of creatine, guanidinoacetic
acid, and creatinine, all of which came back within their respective reference ranges. I guess we can scratch that one off the list. I'm not sure whether the genetic panel they ordered passed through insurance or not. If it did, it will be a few months for the results to come back, probably around the time we have Mira's next neurology appointment.

Mira struggled with irritability all day yesterday. As the boys are have been battling a stomach bug all weekend, it is likely that Mira's stomach was giving her issues too. Eli said his stomach was bothering him Friday night and into Saturday morning, which led into Jonah catching the bug, which led to a lot of vomiting all day yesterday. Jonah seems to be doing much better this morning, which is a drastic change from yesterday, when he couldn't keep so much as a sip of water down all day long. Sarah and I ended up cancelling our dinner date, which was disappointing as it was one of only two different occasions this year that we actually had a babysitter available.

Mira had a steady flow of myoclonic seizures all day long yesterday, but heaviest in the morning. It is likely, with the stomach issues floating around and the constant seizure activity, she probably wasn't feeling very well. I got her in the swing yesterday afternoon and for the first time, she didn't care for it - she briefly smiled on her first push, but it quickly faded into more fussing, which was a good sign that she was probably feeling nauseous. I didn't want to press my luck with another vomiting episode in the swing, so I gave up pretty quickly.

This morning she woke up and had a huge seizure about 30 minutes ago and has been quietly resting. Hopefully, the rest of the day will be better. She ends up getting draped in her Hello Kitty snuggie, which at least makes her looks stylish while she is sleeping it off.

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