Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Anti-Spring Break

Over the years, we haven't had a whole lot of success with spring breaks and this week was no exception. I can remember back about 5 years ago, where all five of us caught the flu and spent the entire week on the couch or in bed, with Sarah and Eli having to drive back from Illinois after Eli spiked a 104 fever. Needless to say, our break was cut short or rather, non-existent. As they made their way back to Kansas City, Jonah, Mira, and I had similar symptoms. Collectively, we all joined up at home and had a miserably sick spring break.

Our 2015 spring break is turning out to be pretty similar. Jonah and Eli both caught a stomach virus at the end of last week, each spending the weekend vomiting and laying on the couch. Fortunately, I only caught a milder version, dealing only with some nausea and minor stomach upset. Today turned out to be Sarah's turn, suffering the same symptoms. We were planning on driving out to Illinois (ironically, the same trip we tried 5 years ago) but we had to cancel, due to Sarah now coming down with the virus. I think we need to be quarantined through the weekend, just to be safe.

Mira so far has avoided getting sick, but she is having her own battles with constipation. We constantly struggle with this, as she is not mobile, she cannot regulate her BMs like the rest of us do. She has been really struggling for days and today it escalated to a point to where we had to intervene. There never seems to be a happy medium with keeping her regular - she is either at one end of the spectrum or the other. Again, I won't go into detail of today's events, but let's just say that I think we are getting her back on course. All of this struggling wore her out today though - she was having a miserably rough time and was wailing continuously all afternoon. She just went to bed a bit ago, after finally having a BM. She was completely exhausted.

So here we are, another spring break in paradise, slowly nursing ourselves back to baseline from various ailments. The word 'break' is certainly an oxymoron this week.

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