Tuesday, June 16, 2015

15 Years

As Mira is approaching her 10th birthday in a few weeks, Sarah and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary today. We realized that 12+ of those years we have spent raising three children and almost 10 of those years, has involved raising a child with significant special needs. It sounds like such a cliche, but it's been a long road with our kids, especially for Mira.

Any involved parent will tell you that raising a child is a lot of work. Parents (or a parent) who are a raising a child (or children) with special needs might tell you that it is even more difficult. The best way I can explain it is that over time, it becomes your sense of 'normal'. It happens almost unexpectedly and it certainly doesn't happen overnight. It simply becomes your life. I can tell you this. Sarah is an amazing person - she is the most compassionate, logical, and caring person I have ever met and I am honored to be able to raise a family with her.


Reagan Leigh said...

Congratulations you two!!

Marc said...

Thank you!