Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Bad Way to End the Weekend

Mira's day started off great this morning, but ended pretty poorly. We went for a walk this morning down to the village to get something for breakfast - Mira really enjoyed the fresh air, despite the humidity and rising temperature. She was giggling a little, kicking her feet, and enjoying herself quite a bit. We were gone about an hour or so and I put Mira in her bed to rest for awhile, as she seemed worn out from all of the activity. She took a short nap, but then was awoken by a huge seizure, which I heard all the way from the kitchen. The grunting sound she often makes as a tonic-clonic seizure is unfolding always makes me cringe - I have heard it so many times. From there, the day seemed to take a downward turn.

After the first seizure, Mira had another intense one, about an hour later, in her chair. The rest of the day, she was completely lethargic and altered. Her hands and feet were ice cold, but extremely clammy. Her entire body temperature was out of sorts - in her bed, she was drenched in sweat on her back, but her hands and feet were always freezing cold. She was also very unresponsive - just staring into space, periodically shifting her gaze, but at nothing in particular. She showed little interest in her toy and when she did, it provoked more seizure activity. I tried running an errand with her, hoping the change might snap her out of it, but she continued to be very limp, slouching over in her chair and drooling a ton while we were out.

Her situation did not change much this evening. She slowly drank a few bottles for dinner and we tried racing around the house in her chair, but she continued to have zero energy. The slouching and staring also continued until bedtime.

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