Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy + Wound Up

Mira has had an energy spike the last few days - staying up really late, to showing a whole lot of extended interest in her toy. For a few evenings this week, Mira has stayed up a good two hours past her usual bedtime, enthusiastically playing with her toy, enjoying racing around the house in her chair, and/or going for a walk around the neighborhood. This morning she was wide awake and ready to go - she played for about 30 minutes in her chair, then wanted back in bed. She ended up having a ton (at least 50+) strong myoclonic seizures in her bed, just one after the next for the next 10 or 15 minutes.

She had some brief fussy spells this afternoon, but was also stimming a lot with her toy. When she gets overly excited, we tend to see a lot of arm-flapping, ear-rubbing, and hand-wringing, as shown in the video. We don't see this too often, except when she is either really excited or extremely upset. Thankfully, this episode was on the positive end of the spectrum.

Again this evening, she stayed up very late - she played in her room with the lights lowered, so she could see the lighting contrast on her toy, which she was fascinated with for a solid 45 minutes. No seizure activity this afternoon or evening, just happiness.

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