Friday, June 12, 2015

The State of Insanity - The Final Chapter

Compared to the past two days, Mira was much more subdued today. She was still fussy, but certainly nowhere near to the degree of crankiness she experienced mid-week. Just like yesterday, she took a sizable nap this afternoon, then was fairly up and down the rest of the night. She had a continuous string of myoclonics throughout the day, but fortunately, no major tonic-clonics.

We are going to try and get out of the house as much as possible this weekend, despite the rainy forecast. Mira has enjoyed getting out and going for walks or out of the house at least, when we can. So the fact that we have a number of errands to run tomorrow is probably a good thing.

On a political side note, the Kansas House folded at 4:00am, succumbing to repeated threats by our very own sociopathic governor, narrowly 'accepting' the largest tax increase in Kansas history. Another notch in a historically lengthy gut-punching to the working class of the state - higher taxes on the low and middle-income citizens and continued tax breaks for the super-wealthy. Kansas continues its economic spiral into the abyss, thanks to 4 years of awful legislation and truly embarrassing 'leadership'.

I know I tend to digress into the current state of affairs of Kansas, but you can't imagine the frustration we feel as citizens of this state. I feel terrible for our children and the legacy that is being established for them - a reckless agenda initiated by one single person. Poor policy, threats, and greed have completely taken firm grasp in Topeka and will seemingly never relent, until public education, infrastructure, and the working class are in complete ruin.

There is little comfort in knowing that the fiscal ruin will continue for years, even if a tidal wave of change crashes down in the next election. Seeing how voter turnout continues to decrease and the will of the people is continuously ignored, there is little hope that much will change even with an upheaval in the capitol. Brownback is a malicious and wreckless sociopath, bent on serving only his special interests and deep-pocketed lobbyists. With additional deep cuts to education and services for the disabled, the ones that will ultimately suffer the most, are the children living in this state.

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