Saturday, July 2, 2016


Mira started off this month in a sour mood. She did alright this morning for a bit, but we pressed our luck when we tried to go over to Lawrence for lunch. Mira started to get a little fussy in the car, then really ramped it up when we sat down to eat. We only brought three bottles with us, two of which she finished in the car on the drive up, so with only one remaining, she finished off the last one in the first 10 minutes we were sitting down at the table. We were out of tactics and ammunition, so Sarah and I traded off, taking her outside and walking her around, while the other ate with the boys. Sometimes you simply have to pass the baton, and muster through what you hoped was going to be a simple, uneventful outing. It is always hit or miss with Mira and going out, so as far as today went, it was a big miss. That being said, it was incredibly loud in the restaurant and Mira has never been a big fan of noise in general. Then again, she was getting upset long before we actually reached the restaurant, so I have a suspicion it was something else that was bothering her, most likely something neurological. By the time we got back on the road, Mira was happy for a bit, but soon started crying again, until she was back in her element - her bed. She ended up taking a small nap and was in a much better mood the rest of the evening. Some days I feel like we are just better off staying at home and doing nothing, which frankly, is what we do most of the time. It's exhausting going out sometimes, thus we seem to do it less and less as a family now, especially during the summer, when everyone has their own idea of how the schedule is going to unfold for the day. We knew we were asking for trouble when we decided to simply go out to lunch with a surly 13 year old who is impressed by nothing, an 11 year old with severe disabilities, and an 8 year old who is on the spectrum, while they are all simultaneously complaining, in their own way, that they would rather simply stay at home. Three kids - three different agendas.

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