Friday, July 8, 2016

Cranky Week + Biopsy Results

Mira has been very irritable this week. Blame it on the heat, boredom, or seizures - or a combination of all three, but nothing has been keeping her happy these days. Her patience seems to wear thin very quickly, especially in the morning and late afternoon. But then again, at all times of the day she has been known to vocalize her displeasure. I was off this afternoon (thanks to summer hours) and took Mira out for a walk later this afternoon, as an attempt to redirect her when she was pretty cranky. She did great for the first 10 minutes - happy, kicking her feet, and doing some dragons. Shortly thereafter, she started having some strong tonic seizures and movements, where she stiffens up her upper body and her legs, repeating the cycle of seizures for the next 10 or 15 minutes. We started heading back home after I saw this cycle unfolding, so by the time we ended up near the house, she had stopped, but it quickly wore her out. She was quiet the rest of the afternoon - not irritable, yet not doing much at all but resting.

We did talk to her neurologist earlier this week and Mira's biopsy results came back normal. I guess we can check NCL off of the list - the long growing list of things Mira doesn't have. We were told it was a only a very remote chance that anything would surface from the test, so it wasn't much of a surprise that it came back negative.

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