Friday, July 29, 2016

Both Ends of the Spectrum

Mira spent the beginning of the week being in a very cranky mood - she was super irritable during the day on Tuesday and Wednesday, with nothing making her happy. Things have lightened up quite a bit since then, capping the week with Mira laughing and giggling today. We experienced both ends of the spectrum this week. She has been in a great mood today, maybe due to the fact that we have been doing serious amount of walking, all of it in the house. Walking around kept her smiling, so long as we were in a constant state of motion. I think we ultimately wore her out - she is in bed snoring right now.

On another note, my back did not improve after this weekend, in fact, the pain became unbearable, Sarah took me into the ER Monday afternoon, to see if there was something else going on. I scheduled an appointment with my PCP for Tuesday, but the pain was so bad I needed to try and manage it sooner, thus a visit to ER was warranted. They gave me some painkillers, which helped enough for me to get to my doctor the following morning and I was able to get a little sleep. After a steroid injection, a muscle relaxer injection, x-rays, and some additional stronger pain meds, things are feeling much better. I am still very sore, but at least the pain is manageable. I have had this happen before, just from transferring Mira, but had never experienced pain quite like I did earlier this week. As Mira is getting heavier and taller, I need to be more cognizant of how exactly I am picking her up, Transferring her chair into the van is typically what causes one to bend into an awkward position - her chair weighs a ton and is extremely difficult to get into the van with just one person.

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