Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another Rough Week

Mira has had a turbulent week, starting off last Sunday by spending the day having continued jerks and an absolute ton of myoclonics throughout the day, which continued into Monday. I had to fly out to New Brunswick on Tuesday morning and didn't get back until mid-day on Thursday. Mira ended up having an enormous seizure Tuesday night in bed, which Sarah said was really awful. That seizure took a toll on her and she was very lethargic all day Tuesday and part of Wednesday - her teacher said she was out of it at school and didn't want to participate in much of anything. By the time I was home on Thursday, she was back to her typical routine, which has been over the past few weeks, just a lot of continued fussing. There has been something bothering her, neurologically, but there is no telling what exactly it is - she has just been irritable and twitchy. On Friday, she seemed to have a better day, even spontaneously laughing on a few occasions, but overall, has not been happy with much. On a positive note, her fancy new sparkly shoes came in (as she outgrew her last pair of Tom's) and she hasn't been able to kick them off yet, not from a lack of trying. These particular shoes are about the only pair she manages to keep on her feet about 95% of the time and of course, they are stylish. She gets so many comments on them!

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