Sunday, July 24, 2016


If there is one positive attribute with Mira's episodes (her most recent one last Wednesday - see the post before this one) is that they typically never last more than 24 hours. This latest one was no exception. By the time we put her to bed Wednesday evening, she had already been slowly coming around a bit beforehand and by the morning, she was back to baseline. Her fussiness and irritability has subsided over the weekend, with a minimal amount of seizure activity since. However, randomly this afternoon, she was laying in her bed and started having a series of strong myoclonics, one about every 15 seconds and the pattern went on for about 45 minutes. This is also not an uncommon occurrence these days. Rarely do they happen in the middle of the afternoon, but today they did - typically she has these right after waking up. I suppose today has been a different day in general for her - after having a couple solid weeks of irritability, she was very quiet and content all day today. She did spend a fair amount of time in her bed just chilling out, only getting up to race around the house and to have something to drink. She has loved racing around today (it was miserably hot today (hitting 98 degrees, so going outside for a walk was not an option) even if it was just around the house - she never seemed to tire from it and the only reason we stopped was because it was actually wearing me out. Sarah and I have been taking turns transferring her, as I again strained my lower back, either from transferring her chair into the van yesterday or from sitting awkwardly on the couch, hunched over my computer - not sure which. Either way, today I have had some serious pain that no amount of Advil seems to combat. This happened a few months ago and it look almost 2 weeks to fully get over it.

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