Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Mira has really slipped back to baseline. She has had 2 big seizures over the past two days and countless myoclonics, at all times of the day. Ironically, she has been in a fairly pleasant mood most of the time (with the exception of bath time) but the seizures are relentless. She also has been having decent days at school, not being as engaged as much, but at least content. We have been staying at the same dosage on the B6, but there has been little positive change since the middle of July, in fact, she seems to have gone backwards in many ways. Next Monday will be around the 3 month milestone for starting the B6, but as I stated in my last post, I have pretty much lost hope with it. It was certainly worth a try and will continue it for awhile, since I feel as though it has helped her mood some. That being said, I suppose there has been one positive aspect - completely ineffective in terms of seizure control, but an improvement in her overall demeanor.

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