Sunday, August 2, 2015


Mira is having a decent follow-up day to yesterday, with slightly more fussy spells. She woke up this morning full of energy, babbling up a storm and wanting to zoom around the house as much as she could. Her energy level started to taper off by mid-morning. She must have worn herself out, because she spent most of the afternoon napping. We tried going outside earlier in the afternoon, since it was pleasant in the shade, yet we didn't last long as Mira would not stop rubbing her eyes. We can't seem to get over this repetitive wrist-rubbing immediately after stepping outdoors. I tried pinning her arms to her side for a few moments, hoping to break the cycle and get her distracted, but the second I released, she was back to it. She literally would not stop until we were back inside. I just don't get it - no contrasting light, no wind, no allergies, and while it's hot, it certainly wasn't uncomfortable.

After our brief stint out on the deck, Mira decided she wanted an extended nap. She woke up in a foul mood just now, but her toy made everything better. She keeps trying to shove it off her tray (as in the picture above) but then goes right back to playing with it. We didn't see a ton of seizures again today - a few myoclonics this morning, but nothing really thus far this afternoon.

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