Monday, August 17, 2015


Mira started her first full week of school this week. We still haven't received a report back from Friday or today, since Mira's notebook didn't come back home with her again today. The first couple of weeks, without fail, everyone seems to be working out the kinks. Mira has a couple of new students in her class and on the bus, in addition to having new paras at school, so I have no doubt that everyone is going through an adjustment period, getting settled in with schedules. Mira's side support from her chair also was left at school, so we are anxious to get that installed back on her chair - her teacher realized it was left behind and gave us a call so we wouldn't panic. Even the simplest pieces from Mira's chair are incredibly expensive to repair or replace.

Mira has been in an energetic, yet volatile mood today. She had a lot of energy this afternoon and was very adamant about playing with her toy. She played solid for about 45 minutes, then proceeded to get frustrated with everything afterward. A lot of up and down, happy then sad at the drop of a hat. We tried the park for awhile, then her toy again, then a round-robin of bottles. She finally just went to bed, where she fussed for a few minutes, then fell fast asleep. Seizure wise, she hasn't really had any all day, other than a few myoclonics this morning.

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