Friday, August 21, 2015

Sleepy Day; Sleepy Week

Mira finished off the week today by having another sleepy, tired day. She had a fair amount of energy this morning, but the constant flow of myoclonics seemed to take the energy right out of her. She perked up a little when the bus arrived, yet the report back from school was that she continued to be tired most of the day. This afternoon, she took another power nap, then when she woke up and tried to play with her toy, but the relentless onslaught of myoclonics again kept her from focusing on much of anything. We went out to the park for a bit and then walked around the neighborhood, which invigorated Mira. She was kicking the second we got out the door and even babbled some during our walk. The nice thing about our stroll around the block was that Mira did not rub her eyes once - an amazing change from the past dozen times we have been to the park, where she rubs her eyes almost constantly.

It has been an exhausting week for Mira, with a full day of school everyday - no wonder she has been so tired. Fortunately she has the weekend to get caught up on rest and sleep. Starting school is always an adjustment - Eli and Jonah have been equally drained this week.

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