Monday, August 31, 2015

Sleep. Eat. Fuss. Sleep. Sleep a Little More

Mira was incredibly sleepy the entire weekend, which is not surprise. She had 9 visible tonic-clonic seizures within an hour or so on Friday afternoon. She was completely wiped out the rest of the evening and weekend, sleeping at every moment it seemed. Saturday she remained a little clammy and had a few sporadic head drops and spasms, but no major tonic-clonics. Sunday she had a bit more energy, but again spent most of the day resting.

This morning she woke up and was back to her old self - happy for a bit in her chair, then fussy, then dozed off, then went off to school. Her teacher reported that she was back in her old rhythm in the class as well - dozing off at times, eating well, fussy at times, intertwined with a few moments of being happy.

Today officially marks 3 months of starting the pyridoxine. As I posted earlier, it has been somewhat of a bust I guess, but we are going to ride it out at a lower dosage. The theory being, that if she was going to follow the same patterns she did in 2007, we would see a drastic reduction in seizures over the next few weeks, which occurred after about 3 months of taking it before. I don't have a very positive feeling about it, but it won't hurt to keep waiting. Based on her dramatic seizure episodes (multiple tonic-clonics and clustering) that she has had over the past few months, she does seem to be following a similar trend that she did years ago, but it could all just being random seizure activity. The next few weeks I suppose will tell.

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