Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bus Accident

Mira had an eventful day today - on the way home from school, her bus was rear-ended by another vehicle on a side street, a few miles from the house. Fortunately, no one was injured and the bus only sustained minor damage. The car that rear-ended the bus however, took the brunt of the collision. Apparently, a car ahead of the bus had slammed on its brakes, which created a chain reaction of the bus stopping short, which someone behind the bus, perhaps following too close, rammed into the back of it. Again, thankfully no one was hurt. Though, if there is one thing for certain, someone's insurance company isn't going to take kindly to their customer rear-ending a school bus. Good luck with your policy rate hike.

Mira came home after the accident on the same bus - there wasn't enough damage to the bus to where they couldn't continue to drive it, but it did take a fair amount of time for the police to file a report and get the paperwork going on the incident. Mira ended up getting home about an hour later than usual. Ironically, she was very vocal when she arrived, babbling and making all sorts of sounds, like she had something to tell. She continued making sounds for another 45 minutes, then had an enormous seizure.

She has been doing alright the past few days - no real changes in seizures or mood, other than this afternoon. She had a great day at school today - lots of smiling and babbling. It's been very humid the past week, so getting outside hasn't really been an option, and as the continued eye-rubbing and temperatures tend to keep Mira indoors.

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