Monday, September 7, 2015

A Nearly Perfect Weekend

Mira had another solid day yesterday, although less vocal and she did have 3 or 4 very slight myoclonics throughout the day. All things considered, she had a fantastic stretch of being nearly seizure free. We spent a ton of time walking, as Mira seemed to not want to stop being in motion. The weather over the past few days has been sweltering, with really high humidity, so most of the time, we were braving the temperatures and walking around the neighborhood. Jonah went with us on several occasions, sweating up a storm on his bike, as we walked until Mira was satisfied. She has really only been fussy this weekend when she was bored, especially at night. Both Saturday and Sunday nights, we tried putting her to bed at her usual time, but she refused, fussing until we put her back in her chair and either went for another walk or tried her toy again. The toy worked for a bit, but walking the neighborhood was her obvious preference. Yesterday evening, the walk drained her energy, as it was still in the 90's at 8:00pm. Unfortunately, it is now pouring rain here, so getting out to burn off some energy is going to have to happen indoors. There's only so much room in the house to race around in her chair, but we have managed to maximize the indoor 'walking track' and we have hardwoods throughout the entire main floor, which makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles.

This morning she is again full of energy and her vocalizing has returned. I saw a a host of subtle myoclonics (maybe 10-15) right after breakfast, although none of them were intense - most were very random and barely perceptible. I'll take it for now - three mornings without her standard clustering of myos is awesome. Despite the isolated myoclonics over the past 2 days, it's safe to say that Mira has won the seizure battle this weekend. Final score: Mira 2 Seizures 0.

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