Friday, September 25, 2015

Great School Day

After ramping back up on the pyridoxine, Mira seems to be feeling so much better. She is still having some big tonic-clonics (averaging at least one a day) but her mood has improved drastically. She had a rough day Wednesday at school, but for the past two days, she has been doing really well. Her teacher said she was all smiles today, vocalizing, and doing a considerable amount of hand-clapping, which is really a stimming exercise for her. When Mira is active and excited, she will clap her hands two or three times in a row very quickly, then rub her ears with both hands, then rub her palms together, usually in that order. She will do this routine repeatedly, sometimes up to 10 or 15 minutes. She hasn't been doing it much for the last several weeks, until today.

We went for a nice walk after dinner, which got Mira excited for about 10 or 15 minutes - all arms and legs were going like windmills, until she exhausted herself after a few blocks. She must have been pretty busy and active all day at school, since her energy level was down by the time we got back to the house. Then again, she had a fairly intense seizure about an hour or so beforehand, which she seemed to recover from quickly at the time, but her stamina just wasn't there. I think it was overall a busy week for her and she may just be ready for a day to just relax.

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