Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Giggles

The remainder of the week proved to be fairly typical, in terms of Mira's seizures. After having her all-star weekend, the myoclonics resurfaced in full force, being fairly consistent throughout the rest of the week. I ended up having to travel to Nova Scotia early Thursday morning, not getting back until late last evening, which left Sarah to hold down the fort. Both of those days, Mira had a steady stream of myoclonics in the morning, but not so much at school. Her toy is still often the trigger for her these days, so we tend to limit her exposure to it, especially if she is twitchy and has cold feet. We have been using her feet and hands as sort of a temperature/seizure potential guide when giving her the toy, which seems to limit the likelihood that her myoclonics will progress into a full tonic-clonic. I have to admit though, that it feels like a guessing game most of the time,

Mira has been having a some spontaneous, unprovoked laughing/giggling episodes over the last few days, which is very much out of the ordinary, Sarah told me that a few times, usually late in the afternoon, she would just start laughing and cracking herself up - completely random events. I was able to get some solid giggling out of her just a bit ago - she was staring at the ceiling in her bed, just smiling away, periodically laughing and scanning the room.

It's a beautiful weekend here, ironically 15-20 degrees cooler than it was in Nova Scotia, so we are going to try and get outside and enjoy the weather. It's always a good opportunity to air out the house too. 

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