Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trigger Toy

Mira has been having a number of big seizures over the past 2 days, all of which are being triggered by her playing with her toy. This morning she had a huge tonic-clonic, only after playing for around 30 seconds. She then had another right before dinner, with the culprit again being the toy. We have never been able to track her seizures and when she might have one, but what we do know is that once her toy starts becoming an issue, you have to have her take a sabbatical from it for a few days. She can go weeks without it causing her one bit of seizure activity, then turn around and have a week of it being a constant trigger. It's sad because she really enjoys playing with it and even gets upset when she is expecting it to be in front of her, only we can't give it to her, because we know it will provoke an intense seizure. Mira managed to have a great day at school, despite the seizure this morning. Her teacher said she was smiling and happy most of the day, even content being in her Kidwalk.

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