Sunday, September 6, 2015

Great Seizure-Free Day

Mira had an awesome day yesterday. She woke up smiling and full of energy, never seeming to slow down the entire day. In the morning, she might have had what looked like some very subtle myoclonics, but frankly, it was difficult to tell, since she was moving around quite a bit. Much of her time was spent babbling and kicking her feet, as shown in the video above. She did this numerous times throughout the morning, shaking the entire kitchen at times. She was also very talkative, babbling for 45 minutes straight at one time while we were walking around the house. She had her cranky moments, I think which stemmed from her being bored, as she always seemed to get mad in her bed. In fact, we tried to put her to bed at her usual time after dinner, but Mira wanted nothing to do with that. She became very agitated, so we put her back in her chair to play with her toy for another 30 minutes, then raced around the house until she tired out.

Outside of the questionable myoclonics in the morning, I didn't see any seizure activity all day long. Her toy wasn't a trigger, she didn't have any head drops, ticks, and certainly not any tonic-clonics. Her happiness yesterday was directly related to her lack of seizures. It was obvious that she was so awake and focused, with nothing in her way to distract her. This morning so far, is turning out to be a similar to start to yesterday. Again, more questionable myoclonics, coupled with a lot of babbling and wanting to move around. It is so refreshing to see Mira have a solid day where she is not interrupted by constant neurological interference.

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