Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chewy Hands

Mira has been having a decent day today - only one brief fussy spell, but the rest of the day she has been smiling and happy. One of the things we are noticing, today in particular, is that she constantly has her hands in her mouth. A finger, her thumb, and sometimes 4 of her fingers at a time, in her mouth, which is creating a ton of drool. Her hands and arms have been covered in it today. Not sure if it is a stimming or sensory thing, but she usually isn't so consistent about it as she has been today. We will keep an eye on her teeth and gums to see if it might be a tooth that is bothering her - I doubt this is the case, as she doesn't seem to be in any pain. In terms of seizures, she has only had a couple of myoclonics all day and only when her toy was in front of her. We tried giving it to her on several occasions throughout the day and every time, without fail, it brought on some seizure activity. So, we are just avoiding it altogether.

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