Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sleepy First Day of School

Mira continues to be very sleepy, even at her first day back at school, but thanks to Sarah, she sure looked fashionable. Her first day back was only a half day, so it certainly couldn't have been that difficult of a day at school to wear her out so much. I think this is just a continuation of her lethargic stretch, which has been going on for three days now. Her teacher said she was very sleepy this morning and she continued to be equally tired at home this afternoon, napping at every moment she could. The only time I saw her muster up any sort of energy was after her bath, where she kicked her feet for a few minutes, but 5 minutes later, was almost falling asleep again in her chair. No tonic-clonic seizures today, but another consistent string of myoclonics all day long, mostly whenever her toy was in front of her. Her feet and hands were less clammy, especially this evening, but not completely dry. Hopefully, Mira will perk up tomorrow and start showing some energy.

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