Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rough Times Call for Trazodone

Mira had a miserable Monday evening. She was very irritable and restless most of the evening, so we put her to bed a little earlier than usual. She woke up about 11:00pm and just started crying and wailing. We tried everything for the next three hours, but nothing helped. She wasn't even fully awake, but she was seriously upset about something. She refused to drink anything too. Finally, about 2:00am, we gave her a half dosage of trazodone and crossed our fingers. It took about 30 minutes to kick in - either that or she had truly exhausted herself until she fell asleep. Either way, she slept soundly after that and we had to wake her from a deep sleep in the morning to get her off to school.

Her days since the Monday night episode haven't been much better. She has had at least 3 really intense seizures since then - 2 just this evening, on top of the dozens upon dozens of myoclonics. The clammy hands and feet have returned, while she continues to sit motionless in her chair. She is completely out of it. The only thing she is responding to is the occasional bottle.

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