Friday, July 17, 2015

A Very Positive Week

All in all, this has been a very positive week. Mira had a round of seizures earlier in the week on Tuesday, but since then, it has been eerily quiet on the seizure front. Mira woke up again this morning and had a handful of subtle myoclonics - none of them were very pronounced and they didn't last long. She hasn't had any tonic-clonics since having those two on Tuesday, which in itself, is pretty remarkable and certainly atypical for her. In fact, total number of full-blown tonic-clonic seizures for the past week has been 2, which is well below average for her. She has been doing fantastic in the afternoons too. Minimal amounts of fussiness and a whole lot of energy. Today again, she enjoyed racing around in her chair, not having quite as much energy as yesterday, but was still enthusiastic for a solid 30 minutes while we raced. Mira was getting vocal during it too - sort of humming and just making these extended 'mmmmmm' sounds whenever she was moving around.

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