Sunday, July 19, 2015


Mira's pattern of having a couple of great days, with a bad bookend days on the front and back end, continues. After having a few solid days in a row, today was an off day for her. She woke up and had a ton of myoclonics right off the bat, then had a big tonic-clonic seizure this afternoon. Her hands, feet, and back have been clammy and sweaty all day long, which is usually a sign that something neurological is going on. Ironically, she has not been fussy all day today - I may have jinxed it by posting just now, but she hasn't uttered so much as a whimper over the past 24 hours. Even through all of the seizure activity today, she remains in a good mood. We went outside this morning to get into the swing, before the rain started, yet again. Mira was content in the swing for a few minutes, but you could tell she wasn't fully into it.

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